Hello, I am Desiree Hayes.

I am a Caribbean girl, born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico who calls Central Florida home since 1999. I am married to my best friend of over 15 years and am the mother of a handsome boy who is our greatest adventure yet, after many years of pain and loss through the journey of infertility. I am also a momma to two sweet angels who left us too soon, yet I know one day we will have our entire family together in eternity.

For many years before I officially became a photographer, I was that friend everybody asked to bring her camera and capture special moments. When we first met our son and became parents, I knew there was no way in this world I could continue working for the corporate world and miss him growing up, so I did what any crazy woman would do, I quit my job. I am a creative at heart and always had the dream of pursuing a career in something I was truly passionate about; so I decided on photography and here I am four years later with absolutely no regret and being the happiest stay-home mompreneur.

As a stay-home mom and solopreneur, my mision is to inspire small business owners, like myself, to find their identity by providing strategic brand photography for creative women and fellow mompreneurs, so that they too can lead purposeful and influential brands that leave a legacy for generations to follow. If that is you, I am your girl!

A few things you should know about Me:

* I love to sing my heart out, especially when I am driving solo; music is my therapy.

* I am a slight obsession with Frida Kahlo, I can identify with her in so many ways. #fragilelikeabomb

* My favorite all-time movie is "Home Alone 2." (that hotel staff scene gets me every time "...get on your knees and tell me you love me.")

* I am an organizing queen, Marie Kondo has nothing on me.

* My life's fulfillment is being married to my bestfriend and together raising our greatest blessing; Israel.


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